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Vienna Wireless Society / Virginia Run Elementary School ARISS Contact, March 2, 2007

On March 2, 2007, the Vienna Wireless Society supported the ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) contact with the Virginia Run Elementary School.

A transcript is available here.

Also a video of the event, thanks to Phil Wherry, AI4JF

Audio recording, taken from Phil's video above

Here is Bob Ryan's news story from the 3/6 evening news.

Please see Phil Wherry's photos and videos.

Don't miss Linda Thomas's photos as well.

UPDATE 4/30/2007:
Fairfax County channel 21 aired this three minute video segment on the ARISS contact. Note: this video file is 41 MB. To save the file on your own computer, right click on the link and select "save link as"

News Articles:

ARRL VA and ARES VA has an article entitled:
Successful ARISS QSO with Virginia Run Elementary School
and another entitled
What Did It Take to Make the with Virginia Run Elementary School - ARISS QSO Work?

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) site has
Former ISS Crew Members on Hand for Ham Radio Contact with ISS
PDF copy here

The Centreville Times has the story
Virginia Run students speak to space station
(PDF copy here)

Selected photos will be here soon.

In the spirit of "If I had more time I'd have written a shorter letter", for now, we have raw/complete photo collections:

2/11 Setup at Corky's, 66 MB
2/12 Virginia Run Preparations, 62 MB
2/18 Setup at Corky's, 46 MB
2/19 Virginia Run Preparations, 203 MB
2/21 Setup at Virginia Run, 35 MB
2/27 Setup at Virginia Run, 83 MB
3/01 Setup at Virginia Run, 32 MB
3/02 Takedown at Virginia Run, 91 MB
Tom Azlin's photos

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